Global Shipping Services

At Worldwide Sourcing and Solutions, we understand the importance of global shipping in a modern business world facing supply chain issues. We work with a variety of global shipping companies to ensure that our products are delivered to our customers in a timely and cost-effective manner. Here is an overview of our process.

Step 1: Order Fulfillment

When a customer places an order, our team quickly and efficiently processes the order and prepares the product for shipment. We have a dedicated team that specializes in order fulfillment, ensuring that our customer’s expectations are met. Our flexible transportation and logistics solutions accommodate trade regulations worldwide, and we work hard on behalf of our customers to avoid costly delays and complicated supply chain disruptions.

Step 2: Global Shipping

Our dedicated shipping team works with our forwarder to provide our clients with the best possible transportation options. Our team is experienced in navigating the complexities of global shipping, including customs regulations and documentation requirements. We work closely with our shipping partners to optimize freight logistics and expedite shipments worldwide, with the goal of reducing costs and creating savings for our clients whenever possible.

Step 3: Tracking and Support

Once the product has been shipped, our in-house tracking team provides our clients with real-time tracking information to ensure they can monitor the progress of their shipment. We also provide ongoing support to our clients throughout the shipping process, including addressing any issues that may arise and providing updates as necessary.

Step 4: Delivery and Inventory Options

At Worldwide Sourcing and Solutions, we provide flexible delivery, storage and inventory options to meet the unique international logistics needs of our clients. We offer direct delivery to ensure that products are supplied in a timely and cost-effective manner, as well as inventory management services for secure storage and monitoring of inventory levels. These services include options such as periodic inventory pulls, which allow clients to store inventory at a Worldwide storage facility and pull products as needed. This helps our clients maintain full control over their product inventory. Our experienced team is committed to providing the best possible delivery, storage and inventory services to our clients.