Equipment List

Worldwide Sourcing & Solutions is proud to offer a wide range of advanced machinery at our manufacturing facilities. From precision quality control equipment to state-of-the-art CMM and CNC machines, we’re equipped to handle any project. See our comprehensive list of equipment and specifications below.

Equipment DescriptionQuantityBRAND
Drilling machine76WDM
Tapping machine14WDM
Wire cutting4Ningbo
Multihole drill4 
CNC lathe96Shenyang/Yunnan/Dalian
Vertical machining center 6502Ningbo Great
Vertical machining center 85026Yunnan/Taikan
Vertical machining center 8554Ningbo Great
Horizontal machining center6NEWAY
Drilling & Tap center2Shiya CNC
CNC milling2Taikan
Hydraulic press16Longen
Horizontal friction welding machine2Yuhuan
Blasting machine2 
Horizontal broaching machine4 
CNC lathe 614020Shenyang
CNC spiral gear machine16Gleason USA
CNC gear shaper110Gleason USA/Germany
Four-Axis machining center2HVF-850
Vertical machining center2HT-850
CNC lathe10CAK-6150
CNC lathe18CAK-5037
Vertical milling machine6X5036
Horizontal milling machine2X62W
Radial drilling machine10Z3032×10-1
Surface grinding machine4M7130
CNC Flame cutting machine8ZQ7
Marking machine4DZ-QD14080T
Ultrasonic cleaner2KGD-1036S
Brinell hardness tester2HB-3000B
Surface roughness tester2TR200