Service Structure

Our services are engaged for the management, qualification, process control, and cost reduction of your products.

We work with your company as an extension of your Purchasing and Engineering departments.

All of our services are tailored to meet your needs.

Service Structure


  • Standard Service

    Although our services are tailored to each of our Clients needs, we do offer a range of standard services to assist each of us in bridging the gap in a new business endeavor.

    – Product Line Engineering
    – Quality Assurance & Audits
    – CS1 & CS2
    – Logistics
    – Second Op’s
    – Resource Management & Cost Reductions

  • Service Levels

    Our services are provided on a monthly basis.
    Some of our Clients choose from 50 to 200 hours of service per month

    For Clients interested in flexibility, we offer the ability to increase service levels on a month by month basis.

    Level 1 | 50 Hours
    Level 2 | 100 Hours
    Level 3 | 150 Hours
    Level 4 | 200 Hours
    Standard | Monthly with FULL coverage