Contractual Services

We are American and Asian engineers working with Asian factories to help them deliver products that meet US standards. We assist US and EU companies with their work in Asia by providing the people and skills necessary to work within the Asian processes and culture. Our engineers will become your eyes and legs in Asia. We currently have multiple offices located in China. Our US offices are located in Colorado, California, and Illinois.

Our goal is to make your business in Asia run smoother.

That’s why we offer the service of resource management. This is a hands off approach to your activities in Asia. We act as an extension of your engineering and purchasing departments in Asia allowing you to focus on what you do best while taking advantage of cost reductions in your products.
Find the resource
Qualify the resource
Negotiate pricing
Quote to the customer
Produce the parts
QC the parts
Document everything
Decorate the parts
Package the parts
D2D Shipping