Worldwide was established in 2004 to purchase and resell engineered products such as; raw castings and forgings, machined castings/forgings, extrusions, and engineered products. In order to provide our customers with the best quality, price and service Worldwide changed its focus from a broker-oriented business to a full service manufacturer by establishing Equity Joint Ventures, Strategic Alliances and Technical Agreements with facilities in the low cost country of China.

  • Manufacturing

    Worldwide is a full service, single source supplier of precision components with comprehensive design, engineering, forging, heat treatment, machining, welding, painting and assembly capabilities. We meet the rigorous standards and specifications set by demanding customers in the defence, oil and gas, rail, aerospace, and off-road heavy equipment sectors around the world.

  • Engineering

    With this service, an engineer will learn your product line and its specific processes to become fluent in your product line and its individual nuances. Again, this is a tailored service. Wolrdwide allows tap both domestic and overseas engineering talent to carry out engineering tasks and support.

  • Contractual Services

    We are American and Asian engineers working with Asian factories to help them deliver products that meet US standards. We assist US and EU companies with their work in Asia by providing the people and skills necessary to work within the Asian processes and culture. Our engineers will become your eyes and legs in Asia. We currently have multiple offices located in China. Our US offices are located in Colorado, California, and Illinois.