• Global Locations

    With teams in Denver, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, and Shanghai, Worldwide provides a seamless solution to your global purchasing needs.

  • Manufacturing

    Worldwide meets the rigorous standards set by demanding customers in the defence, oil and gas, rail, aerospace and off-road heavy equipment sectors.

  • Engineering

    Worldwide engineering expertise can help you in the design and prototype phases to optimize your parts for manufacturability.

  • Contractual Services

    Worldwide offers companies a resource to outsource their complete manufacturing, packaging, assembly and overall purchasing functions.

Global Locations


US Locations:

  •  Denver, Colorado – North American Headquarters
  • Los Angeles, California – Warehousing, Logistics, and Inventory Management
  • Peoria, Illinois – Warehouse,Quality, Logistics and Distribution



Asia Locations:

  • Shanghai, China – Asia Headquarters
  • Shanghai, China – Worldwide Owned Manufacturing Facility
  • Shanghai, China (3) – Worldwide Managed Facility
  • Wuhan, China – Worldwide Owned Manufacturing Facility
  • Wenling, China – Worldwide Owned Manufacturing Facility
  • Xiangyang, China – Worldwide Owned Manufacturing Facility



We are a full service, single source supplier of precision components with comprehensive design, engineering, forging, heat treatment, machining, welding, painting and assembly capabilities around the world.



We specialize in overseas capabilities when considering every design. Worldwide’s process is completely integrated to ensure complete quality assurance, guaranteeing the best functional part for the lowest cost.

Contractual Services


The benefit is reduced costs, reallocate resources, and focus more on the aspects of competencies. Ultimately creating more satisfied employees, complete customer satisfaction and greater profits.