Brodie Hall co-founded Worldwide Manufacturing in 2004 with Kevin Geraghty, serving as the firm’s CEO. Brodie’s unparalleled knowledge of manufacturing processes and global purchasing dynamics have allowed him to develop relationships with some of North America’s largest industrial and agricultural equipment firms. He has assisted a diverse group of original equipment suppliers (serving Caterpillar, General Motors, John Deere, Paccar, to name a few) in major cost reduction and supply initiatives.

Prior to founding Worldwide Manufacturing, Brodie earned his CPA from the University of Colorado, working in various capacities with Arthur Anderson. Brodie then ran a manufacturing company, achieving world-class measurements in profitability, while also receiving top quartile supplier measurements from leading Fortune 500 companies.

Since starting Worldwide Manufacturing, Brodie has helped start and oversee a multitude of businesses; automotive service, specialty product related, real estate, amongst many others in oversight, management, and board roles.

Brodie has worked in executive roles for over 10 years, for both individual and private equity owners, his last being VP of Business Development for a $400m supplier to the highway, agricultural, and automotive OEM market. In this role, he was one of few executives that formed the merged company and assisted in both buying and selling to the public/private market.

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